Terms and Conditions

For outside tables, up to 6 people may meet from ANY household. Inside, only 2 households (or support bubbles) can share a table. Please do not move any tables, as this may infringe on the distancing we have set up. Do not push tables together to make them bigger and do not stand up around the venue or gather at other people’s tables, all customers must be seated with their own booking party. The maximum table size available is 8. We regret that children are not currently permitted during these opening stages. This is something we will keep under review. Dogs are welcome but must be kept on a lead and you should not allow other customers to pet your dogs. Our staff have been instructed not to pet them either (which makes us very sad). We will be able to accommodate some walk-ins, but to be certain of your table you can book a 3-hour slot at: tableagent.com/sheffield/the-rising-sun There are sanitiser stations at the entrances, and throughout the venue. Please santise your hands before entering the premises and before entering any of the toilet facilities. There are toilet facilities located in both sides of the pub and we have also provided additional toilet facilities in the car park. Some sinks and urinals have been taken out of use to follow social distancing guidance. Please use your common sense when moving to and from the toilet facilities, please do not queue on the stairs or across any walk-ways. The toilets are checked and sanitised regularly during the course of the day. Please maintain 2 metres distance where ever you can, but always a minimum of 1m, and please apply common sense at all times. A host will greet you on entry and assign you to your table. In accordance with government instructions, the host will take down your name and contact number, which may be supplied to NHS Test & Trace upon request. This information will be securely stored and destroyed 21 days after your visit. Sanitiser spray and cleaning roll is available for you to clean your table before sitting down. We recommend that you do this. For the safety of our staff and to comply with government guidance we have been instructed to keep all customers seated and not allow service from the bar. We are taking all food and drink orders at: ___________________ so you will need a smartphone or tablet. Your food will be delivered to a collection point near your table, to reduce the risk to our staff posed by entering customer occupied areas. No cash payments, card only please. We are not able to offer tabs. You will be asked to clear your own tables to the collection point – NOT to the bar, please. Staff will then clear away from these collection tables. We appreciate many people are still not comfortable sitting in the pub so we are continuing to offer takeaway, the host at the front entrance will show you where to go for this. In warm weather we may have an outside bar open as well, this will operate with a conventional bar queue, with 2 metre social distancing. Customers will still be required to remain seated at their tables at other times. We reserve the right to ask you to briefly remove any face covering for the purpose of identification or age verification. Anyone who does not follow the guidelines, behaves in a manner that presents a threat to the safety of other customers and staff, or otherwise becomes abusive or aggressive to any staff or customers, will be asked to leave.

Alcoholic products are not for sale to anyone under 18 years of age. We reserve the right to ask for ID at anytime.

info@risingsunsheffield.co.uk or call 0114 230 3855


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